Moody knows he has 'no choice but to get better' with Dubs


The Warriors liked Moses Moody as an option with their No. 7 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. But, with Jonathan Kuminga and others still on the board when they were on the clock for their first lottery pick, they passed on the 6-foot-6 shooter.

The Warriors didn't expect Moody to still be available with their second lottery pick at No. 14. But they went on the clock again and Moody was still on the board, this time, Golden State couldn't pass him up.

Moody fits the mold of the prototypical 3-and-D wing -- one of the most valued kinds of players in the current NBA. And with just one true wing in Andrew Wiggins, this was an area the Warriors needed to address. 

"I feel like can I get in and have a good place with the team that they have now and really contribute as soon as possible, but I'm willing to wait and develop as much as they need me to," Moddy said on draft night. 

Moody provides the Warriors with some insurance on the wing until Klay Thompson returns and gets back to his old self. But in addition to his shooting ability -- which isn't lethal yet, but has the tools to develop into it -- Moody is comfortable dribbling and driving past defenders. His length and athleticism also make him a scary player for his oppositions. 

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Of course, Moody needs to grow and improve. All rookies do. And he'll get to do it alongside two of the best guards in the league in Thompson and Steph Curry. 

"I couldn't even, I don't even know what all them are going to teach me because I know they have so many small little tricks and nuances to get an advantage on the other team," Moody said. "But given how great they are, how great the team is, I mean in that environment I have no choice but to get better."