Moody tells hilarious story about not texting Myers back at draft

Moses Moody

Everybody has forgotten to text someone back. Even the best texters miss one here and there.

When you're a top prospect who has just been drafted by an NBA team, your phone naturally blows up and you're bound to miss some texts. Unfortunately for Warriors rookie Moses Moody, one of the texts he didn't see come through was from his new boss, Warriors president Bob Myers.

"It was crazy because honestly after the draft, your phone is going to be blowing up," Moody told 95.7 The Game. "I couldn't even scroll through all the messages. I kind of just said that I'm going to have to get back to the people as soon as I can.

"At Summer League maybe three weeks later, I'm finally going through and trying to respond to everybody and I see Bob Myers had texted me on draft night and I hadn't responded."

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We've all been there.

Now that the post-draft craze has calmed down, there's no doubt Moody will return the next text he gets from Myers.

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