Re-live Steph's most adorable dad moments for Father's Day


Steph Curry is many things.

A phenomenal basketball player, a two-time NBA MVP, the greatest shooter of all time ... but more importantly, he’s a husband and a father. Two titles he’s the proudest of.

With Father’s Day upon us, we have to reminisce on some of these cute moments where the Warriors star has sported the "dad" title proudly.

The one that started it all

Oh, you remember it. During the 2015 Western Conference Finals, the only Curry who took over the postgame interview was Riley, Steph and Ayesha’s firstborn daughter. 

She didn’t disappoint, leaving those asking questions smiling. And while she took the attention away from Steph, he didn’t appear to mind.

That also might be the extent of her basketball “career.” Steph told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols recently that when he asked Riley if she wanted to play the sport, “it was a firm no.” This was mainly because she saw how many injuries her dad went through including having to sport a “butt pad.”


Steph took his daughters Riley and Ryan recently on a car ride where they belted out lyrics from the internationally known musical “Hamilton.”

They drove around singing “You’ll Be Back,” and the end result was ice cream.


Canon, Steph’s youngest and only son, has busted out impressions of his dad. That’s one thing.

He also did the perfect (and cutest) impression of Warriors legend Baron Davis’ celebration. He even pulled off the portion where he lifts his shirt up. Steph naturally had to post it on his Instagram.


Birthday shoes

Steph’s signature shoes are always fire, but these ones are extra special.

For his 33rd birthday this year, Curry was gifted custom-made shoes that were designed by his children.

He was sent on a scavenger hunt to discover the blue and pink kicks -- and when he wore them, he scored 32 points.

Under Armour, Riley

Speaking of his shoe line. It’s actually because of his daughter Riley that Steph chose Under Armour to be the company to develop his shoes and his brand.

"My daughter Riley at the time was 2 (years old) and I was down at my agent's house in LA and we were just kind of messing around," Curry told ESPN's Nick DePaula on "The Sneaker Game” last month. "I had a bag full of all the shoes I was wear-testing and I was getting to that final hour like, 'What are you gonna do?' I was messin' around and said, 'Riley come in here, let me put all these shoes around.'”

Steph asked Riley to pick out her favorite shoe and bring it to him, and the rest is history.