Mychal Thompson reveals detail about Klay's ankle injury: 'He showed me some Kobe toughness'

Mychal Thompson reveals detail about Klay's ankle injury: 'He showed me some Kobe toughness'

"I can't really feel it."

That's what Klay Thompson said when he was asked how his ankle feels following the Warriors' sweep of the Cavs on Friday night.

"Even if I had a broken leg, I was gonna play," Klay said as Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala laughed on the podium next to him. 

"Ehhh -- probably not. I would have tried to play," Klay added. "Key word 'tried.' I would have tried to play.'"

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On Monday, Klay's father Mychal was asked about Klay's injury on 95.7 The Game.

"He was probably playing at 50 percent capacity," Mychal revealed. "Just playing on adrenaline and passion alone because he knows how much this means to him and his team and to the Warriors fans and the organization. He wanted to be a part of it.

"He couldn’t bear to sit down and watch from the bench. And if he could go out there and play on one foot and not do any further damage to his ankle, he was gonna play.

"He showed me some Kobe toughness in this Finals. He's always had that. He learned that from watching Kobe, talking to Kobe. Klay is a quiet tough guy."

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LeBron James, Lakers' preseason predictions were incredibly wrong

LeBron James, Lakers' preseason predictions were incredibly wrong

The Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention after losing to the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night. For the first time since the 2004-05 season, LeBron will not be in the playoffs.

When James signed with the Lakers during the offseason, most people found themselves on one of two ends of the Hot Take Meter.

You were either on the side of “LeBron is the best in the world and won’t have any issues in the West," or you were the side of “LeBron only had success because he was in the East, and can’t repeat it in the West.”

There wasn’t much of a middle ground, nor is there ever in the era of morning debate shows and Twitter rants.

For analysts Stephen A. Smith, Chris Broussard, Nick Wright and others on the end of “LeBron is the best, he won’t have a problem,” well … they were wrong. 

By a lot.

Of course, any time someone has a hot take, there’s only one of two ways it can end up. You’re either going to be spot on, or you're going to be dead wrong.

The funny part is just how wrong they all were.

“Wake me when a LeBron James team doesn’t win 50 games,” said Wright.

Someone please wake up Nick, because the Lakers can’t sniff 50 wins. They currently sit at 31 wins with just nine games left.

Not only did Smith and Broussard predict the Lakers would win at least 50 games as well, but they also said LeBron would win MVP.

That’s not happening either. James hasn’t even been in that conversation for most of the year, ever since the Lakers' season started spiraling after he injured his groin Christmas Day against the Warriors.

“The Lakers are going to the Western Conference Finals, for sure,” predicted comedian Michael Rapaport, a frequent guest on Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed.

Any dream of LeBron vs. the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals is going to have to wait at least until next season, presumably after LeBron rebuilds the entire Lakers roster. 

The Warriors, despite a somewhat tumultuous season, have held onto their perch atop the Western Conference. While their rival Lakers have completely imploded, the Dubs sit at the No. 1 seed in the West and are heavily favored to three-peat as NBA Champions. 

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Why didn't any of those analysts predict that one?

But that’s the business most of these guys are in. They get paid to give their hot takes. They’re going to miss on some predictions and hit on others. These were all predictions at the beginning of the season and obviously changed as the Lakers rough season progressed.

We could have shown all the people who predicted the Lakers fate correctly, but what fun would that be?

Watch Steph Curry and family celebrate Ayesha's 30th birthday

Watch Steph Curry and family celebrate Ayesha's 30th birthday

Happy 30th to the wife of No. 30.

Ayesha Curry, the wife of Warriors star Steph Curry, celebrated her birthday Friday night in typical Curry fashion. 

She threw a Caribbean-themed party, full of family, friends and celebrities. 

Not gonna lie, the event looked pretty awesome.

Check out some of the clips that we found on social media.

Is it a coincidence that Steph is taking a “rest day” on Saturday?

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You deserve it Steph. Sunglasses and Advil all day.