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Myers wants to satisfy two goals with Warriors' top pick

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Though Bob Myers won’t know until Thursday where in the NBA draft lottery the Warriors will land, he knows exactly what he wants.

To fulfill his desire for today and tomorrow.

“You don’t pick one-through-five that often, right, because you’d like not to,” the president/general manager said during a 20-minute conference call Monday. “The goal would be to get somebody who can help you now and help you later. If a player is really good and you get it right, I don't know that that's too much to ask.”

Which implies the Warriors, should they keep their first-round draft pick, will expect him to enter the rotation as a rookie and develop into a long-term impact player.

The Warriors, who finished with the worst record in the NBA (15-50), have the best odds of landing the No. 1 overall pick when the teams gather (virtually) Thursday for the 2020 Draft Lottery. Those most often identified as their top targets are Georgia wing Anthony Edwards and center James Wiseman, who spent a very brief time at the University of Memphis.

The Warriors are shopping for size, according to league sources, which might be the primary reason Wiseman is in play. He’s the only 7-footer (with a 7-4 wingspan) expected to go early in the lottery.

Wiseman is also 19 years old whose collegiate experience consists of 69 minutes over three games.

“I don’t think you want to necessarily think too short-term and sacrifice a big upside if you think a guy has a lower ceiling but could help you for the next two years but not as much after that,” Myers said. “You kind of want to avoid that. But the goal would be to check both those boxes.”


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Myers conceded that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic – which shut down college basketball before the NCAA Tournament – has dramatically altered the process for all teams. That is a factor in him acknowledging it’s possible the Warriors could draft someone he has never personally seen.