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Each Monday through April 13, we take a peek at the five NBA teams with the worst records. All are tumbling toward the NBA Draft Lottery but crave the power that comes with having the No. 1 overall pick.

Only one team can have it.

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We’re 37 days away from the lottery, and the races to the bottom/top are heating up:

1) Warriors (15-49)

Last three games: (2-1). Won vs. 76ers, lost vs. Raptors, won at Denver.

Next three games: Tuesday vs. LA Clippers, Thursday vs. Nets, Saturday at Milwaukee.

Outlook: Losing only the game in which Steph Curry returned, you hurt your cause last week yet still have a 3.5-game lead. Remember, none of these cellar-dwellers are going to surrender. Another 2-1 week is unlikely but would make things very interesting.

2) Hawks (19-46)

Last three games: Lost at Memphis, lost at Washington, lost vs. Memphis.

Next three games: Monday vs. Charlotte, Wednesday vs. New York, Saturday vs. Cleveland.

Outlook: Danger ahead, young Hawks. Three of the league’s worst teams are coming to your house. Careful, or you might experience the bittersweet ambivalence of stumbling into a couple victories.

3) Cavaliers (19-45)

Last three games: Won vs. San Antonio, won vs. Denver, lost vs. Boston.

Next three games: Tuesday at Chicago, Friday at Charlotte, Saturday at Atlanta.


Outlook: WYD, Cavs? With surprise wins dropping you from No. 2 last week, this week offers the possibility of fading further down/up. And you know you do not want to be fall to No. 4 in these standings.

4) Timberwolves (19-44)

Last three games: Lost vs. New Orleans, lost vs. Orlando, won vs. Chicago.

Next three games: Tuesday at Houston, Friday at Oklahoma City, Saturday at San Antonio.

Outlook: Congrats, guys. Having navigated last week perfectly, you now have pleasure of sliding into three scheduled losses. By this time next week, you could zoom back into the bottom/top three.

5) Pistons (20-45)

Last three games: Lost at New York, lost vs Utah, lost vs. Oklahoma City.

Next three games: Wednesday at Philadelphia, Saturday at Toronto, Mar. 17 vs. Orlando.

Outlook: Slick, the way y’all shoved the Knicks out and eased yourselves into this thing. If you play the game as it’s meant to be played, you could wake up on St. Patrick’s Day in bottom/top three.