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FSU's Barnes likes Draymond comparison: 'Fair in some ways'

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Part of the NBA draft process is watching prospects and comparing them to current or former players. Whether it’s similar measurements, body mechanics or play styles, rarely does a player come through that doesn’t at least remind you of someone else.

Florida State’s Scottie Barnes is slated to go somewhere in the top ten in next month’s draft and from the moment he stepped on the floor at the NCAA level, he instantly drew comparisons to the Warriors’ Draymond Green.  

During his media session at the 2021 NBA Draft Combine, Barnes was asked about Green and whether he thinks he can have a similar type of defensive impact at the next level.

“I would say that comparison is fair in some ways,” Barnes said. “I would say, just the things he can do defensively -- guard multiple positions, play small-ball five, being able to set people up for easy shots, coming down and doing zooms and the way he can get to the rim -- different things like that.”

Barnes is listed as a small forward coming into the league, but at 6-foot-8 with a 7-foot-3 wingspan, he can move all over the court, especially on the defensive end. He also has incredible court vision and can play 1-through-5 on the offensive end. 

All of his attributes as a player are very reminiscent of the Green, but the comparisons don’t stop there. Barnes plays with a similar fire and energy to Green, even if it gets both players in a little trouble on occasion.


“Another thing I would say is just his competitive nature -- how competitive he is,” Barnes said of his similarities to Green. “He wants to win. He’s going to do whatever it takes to win. He’s going to do those little things on the floor.”

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Whether Barnes falls to where the Warriors are selecting at No. 7 is unknown at this time, but he’s already spoken to the club during the interview portion of the combine and on paper, he would be a nice fit for the team’s style of play.

“They’re a great team, where I feel like they are a piece of two away, or an injury from just being back in that top level,” Barnes said. 

Barnes wasn’t the only person the Warriors have spoken to over the last few days in Chicago. Armed with both the No. 7 and No. 14 picks in the July 29 draft, Golden State clearly took full advantage of this opportunity to get to know prospects.

James Bouknight and Ziaire Williams both sat down with the Warriors’ brass and Moses Moody is set to meet with Golden State On Friday. 

If Barnes falls in the Warriors’ lap at No. 7, they’ll have a tough time passing on the 19-year-old. He checks a ton of boxes and his potential is off the charts. Whether he can make an impact at the NBA level like Green will take time to figure out, but the comparison seems pretty spot on. 

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