Report: Warriors watch Edwards again after underwhelming workout

/ by Drew Shiller
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The Warriors own the rights to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and they will be on the clock soon as the big day (Wednesday) is almost here.

ESPN's Jonathan Givony released an updated mock draft Monday morning, and he has the Minnesota Timberwolves taking Anthony Edwards at No. 1, followed by Golden State selecting James Wiseman.

But there was an interesting piece of information regarding Edwards within Givony's explanation on Wiseman to the Dubs.

"The Warriors have continued to do their due diligence by traveling to watch Edwards work out for a second time in recent days after an initially underwhelming first viewing," Givony writes.

It's unclear how this additional workout went.

Golden State initially saw the 6-foot-5 guard up close and personal back in late October.

"Edwards’ exceptional athleticism jumped out in person," The Athletic's Marcus Thompson reported at the time. "He seemed to really impress the Warriors with his freakishness."

But various reports over the last couple of months have revealed that some teams question Edwards' mindset and commitment to winning.

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Does this subsequent face-to-face interaction mean the Warriors really want him, but they needed to spend some additional time together to address any potential concerns?


The answer to this question really won't matter if the T-Wolves pick the 19-year-old first.

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But as you think about all of this draft-related stuff, it's important to remember what Edwards' college coach, Tom Crean, told Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo a couple of weeks ago.

"The environment he’s in, the mentors, the relationship with the coaches, all those things are going to be paramount, because that’s really what he needs to thrive," Crean said. "He came in here [to Georgia] as a worker and helped set a trend.

"He’s at the highest levels with guys I’ve coached as far as putting in extra work. Way more often than not, he was in our gym at night after home games. There’s just a lot there.

"And again, I always preface it, he needs the right environment to bring it out, and my greatest hope is that’s what happens."

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