Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson made it clear he wasn't happy he was left off all three All-NBA teams. Behind the scenes, the front office should be sharing high fives. 

Thompson's omission saves Golden State at least $30 million this offseason. He's no longer eligible for a $221 million super-max contract. The biggest deal he could sign with the team in free agency is for five years and $191 million now. 

And the perceived snub by some nearly guarantees Thompson signs with the Warriors, Jalen Rose believes. 

"I've never believed he was leaving, but now I know he ain't leaving," Rose said on Jalen & Jacoby. "You just lost out on 30 (million) because you didn't make All-NBA. If you leave, you'll get a four-year deal instead of a five-year deal, which would cost you another $30 million. 

"I really now can almost guarantee that he's gonna stay with the team." 

Co-host David Jacoby then asked Rose if he believes the Warriors will offer Klay the max. 

"Yes," Rose said emphatically. "Yes. Yes. Yes, yes." 

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Throughout the season, Thompson has made every indication he wants to be a Warrior for life. He and the team can take the first steps in making that happen with a hefty, long-term contract in the coming months.