If the 2019-20 NBA season ended today and the draft lottery was based on record, the Warriors would hold the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 draft.

Owner Joe Lacob and coach Steve Kerr have said they aren't thinking about where the Warriors will draft in June, but with the losses piling up, fans can't help but start dreaming of the team adding an elite talent or packaging that pick with All-Star guard D'Angelo Russell to acquire an All-Star caliber player.

So who could the Warriors take at No. 2? The following four mock drafts are split evenly on the player Bob Myers and Co. should take.

NBC Sports Chicago: LaMelo Ball -- Guard/Forward -- Illawarra Hawks (Australia)
What they said: "The Warriors would love to add Wiseman to their core of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, but with the big man off the board, they would most likely go with the best talent on the board. The 6-foot-7 Ball was impressive during his one season playing pro ball in Australia, and could fit playing small forward alongside the Splash Brothers."

NBC Sports Washington: James Wiseman -- Center -- Formerly Memphis Tigers (Left school -- Declared for NBA Draft)
What they said: "Wiseman is probably the best talent in this year's draft, with the capabilities of being the player a franchise can build around. But, he is still raw and facing a suspension through January. The 7-foot-1's forward lived up to the hype in his first three games at Memphis. He'll fill a big need in Golden State, in the post but also has the athleticism to keep up with their style of basketball."


SB Nation: LaMelo Ball -- Guard/Forward -- Illawarra Hawks (Australia)
What they said: " ... He remains a major work in progress as a scorer. His paltry 47.9 true shooting percentage is a byproduct of his struggles finishing at the rim, inconsistency getting to the foul line, and Steph Curry-like shot selection without Steph Curry-like shot-making on deep 3-pointers. His defense can be an eyesore, with the occasional successful gamble not making up for all the ball watching and blow-bys. Ultimately, Ball is a flawed but very good prospect because of his youth, his size (6’6, at least), and his elite skill as a facilitator ... "

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Sports Illustrated: James Wiseman -- Center -- Formerly Memphis Tigers (Left school -- Declared for NBA Draft)
What they said: " ... The thought of Wiseman stepping in to help Golden State at center makes sense only from a long-term perspective they can’t presently afford. There’s a growing expectation in NBA circles that the Warriors will explore trade options with this pick, which is likely to be a top-five selection. This season is a wash, and with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on track to start the 2020-21 season fully healthy, there’s little reason for the Dubs to consider a foundational reboot. If a can’t-miss talent were available atop this draft class, the conversation might be different. There’s little reason to think Wiseman, or any of the other projected top picks, would be ready to offer valuable playoff minutes to a contending team right away. So, there’s real financial dissonance between the Warriors’ aspirations and clogging up their salary sheet with a teenager on a hefty, slot-value rookie contract."