Steph among top five in NBA MVP odds for '21-22 season


One of the biggest positives for the Warriors last season is that Steph Curry proved he still is in his prime.

In fact, he was so dominant that he finished third in MVP voting. Next season, he's expected to continue his dominance. 

Per odds provided by our partner PointsBet, Curry has the fifth-best odds to win MVP, behind Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo. LeBron James is sixth and Damian Lillard is just behind him with the seventh-best odds.

While Curry isn't in the top three, it's still an encouraging sign that he's in the top five. It means he's expected to continue being the version of himself he was this season, which the Warriors need.  In Antetokounmpo, Durant and James' case, well, they are three of the most dominant players in the league, so it's self-explanatory. James might have worse odds simply because of his age, as LeBron will be 36 when next season tips off. Lillard having the seventh-best odds is a bit surprising, simply because his future in Portland still is very unclear.


As for Doncic, since PointsBet doesn't have the Mavericks as a team with great odds to win the NBA title next year, they consider Dallas to be a good regular season team, but not a team primed for a deep postseason run. The same thing goes for Embiid.

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That being said, if the Warriors are favored to be back in championship contention, which they are -- PointsBet has them holding the fourth-best odds to win the title -- there should be a greater chance of Curry winning the MVP award. 

If the Warriors are going to be that good as a team, there is no question that Curry will be the driving force. He already was this season, but because the Warriors weren't as good as the Denver Nuggets or Philadelphia 76ers, Curry's odds were hurt against Nikola Jokic and Embiid.

So, consider the Warriors' likelihood of winning a championship and Curry winning MVP as going hand-in-hand. And as it stands, there are good odds for both coming to fruition.

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