Have you ever wondered what NBA players think Kevin Durant is going to do this summer?

Will the superstar stay on the Warriors to keep cementing the dynasty? Or will he leave to start a new journey elsewhere?

Well, you don't have to wonder anymore.

On Monday morning, The Athletic released its first annual "Anonymous Player Poll," and one of the questions was:

"Where will Kevin Durant be playing next season?"

Warriors fans won't be too pleased with the results:

1) New York (63.3%)    
2) Golden State (20.2%)    
3) Brooklyn (4.5%)    
4) Clippers (2.7%)    
5) Oklahoma City, “NBA,” “Eastern Conference,” (1.8%)    
6) Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland (1%)

Over 100 players (109 to be exact) offered their opinion, which is a pretty large sample size.

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At this point, the vast majority of the basketball world believes Durant will leave the Warriors and call Madison Square Garden home next season. 

In less than three months, we will finally know one way or the other.

One final note -- the players voted Zach Zarba as the best referee in the league. Do you think Zarba got KD's vote?

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