NBA: Refs missed key Draymond travel, one foul that hurt Dubs


Well, maybe LeBron James was right in complaining after the Warriors beat his Los Angeles Lakers, 115-113, on Monday night

The NBA, in its Last Two Minute Report on Tuesday, admitted the refs missed a key traveling call on Warriors forward Draymond Green within the final two minutes of the game. With 1:39 remaining, Green hit a floater to give Golden State a 112-108 lead. But the correct call should have been traveling as he slid his pivot foot after gathering his dribble. 

The Lakers clearly were upset at the no-call, and for good reason. 

But the the Last Two Minute Report also stated the refs correctly called two traveling turnovers on James in the fourth quarter, which he didn't agree with. 

"I mean, I don't know, I seen [the travels] on replay and it's a move I've been making pretty much my whole career, and if that's the call that's gonna be called travel, then I'd like to see it across the whole board," James said to reporters following his loss. "It's so funny because the very next play, Draymond gets into the lane and slides his foot and it's not called." 

It's not like the refs only missed calls that helped the Warriors, though. 

With just 51.2 seconds remaining and the Warriors leading 115-110, Andrew Wiggins was called for a foul while guarding James. The NBA said Tuesday that was the wrong call as Wiggins made "marginal contact" on LeBron. James made both free throws, which should have never happened. 

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The Last Two Minute Report always is bound to frustrate the fan base of at least one team. In this case, there were missed calls down the stretch that hurt both the Warriors and Lakers. 

Moving on, it's a win for the Warriors no matter what.

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