The Warriors host the Brooklyn Nets at Chase Center next Thursday.

If you were hoping Kevin Durant would attend the game, you will be disappointed with the latest news from Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

KD was sitting on the bench when the Warriors played the Nets at Barclays Center on Feb. 5.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP signed with Brooklyn in free agency last summer.

"I can't get mad when Kevin Durant -- who I felt pretty close with -- decides he's going to leave. Which to me, made no sense," Warriors owner Joe Lacob said last week. "You're (with) the best organization -- I hope he thinks -- in the world.

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"Winning, other great players, the new arena. To me, there was every reason in the world to stay. But I'm not gonna be mad at him because it's his life and he earned the right. And for whatever reason, he decided he wanted to leave.


"I can't control that. I tried (laughing)."

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