Kevin Durant doesn't seem to be having a lot of fun anymore.

A few weeks after blowing up at the media, Durant had another tense session with reporters following the Warriors' 33-point loss to the Celtics on Tuesday night.

All this strange behavior could have a hidden meaning behind it.

As Yahoo's Chris Haynes writes, it could have to do with Durant's future.

"There are members of the organization concerned that Durant’s behavior is a sign that he’s already got one foot out the door," Haynes wrote Wednesday morning.

There also are some people with the Warriors who aren't ready to go that far, according to Haynes.

"But there are others who aren’t reading too much into what they consider to be the standard rigors and annoyances of an 82-game season," Haynes wrote.

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Whether Durant likes it or not, it's clear that his impending free agency decision is starting to weigh on everyone involved.

Every little thing he does or says is interpreted as a sign that he's going to leave the Warriors this summer.