Report: Rockets wanted to hire Rivers to replace D'Antoni


The Warriors still don't know who will be coaching the Houston Rockets when the two franchises face off next season.

It's been one month since Mike D'Antoni announced he would not be returning for a fifth season, and the organization still has not hired his successor.

In fact, it sounds like the Rockets missed out on their top choice.

"Houston had initially wanted to hire (Doc) Rivers to replace Mike D'Antoni, sources said, but his talks with the (Philadelphia) 76ers moved quickly to a resolution," ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Tuesday.

Those Golden State fans who smile whenever the Rockets fall short probably are beaming from ear to ear right now.

So who will the Rockets eventually tab?

"(LA) Clippers assistant coach Ty Lue's candidacy for the Rockets' head-coaching job has gathered significant momentum after a meeting with Houston's ownership and management Monday," Woj writes.

But the Rockets reportedly still plan to meet with former head coach Jeff Van Gundy at some point this week.

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And speaking of Van Gundy -- remember what his brother, Stan, told ESPN's Zach Lowe in mid-September?


"Compare James Harden once he gives the ball up to Steph Curry," Stan Van Gundy said. "One of the things that Steph Curry does so well, is when you force him to give the ball up, he gives it up and he's on the move. He's on the run flying around. He's hard to guard off the ball.

"James Harden gives the ball up and stands there. The possession is over for James Harden. He has to be willing to move without the ball and change his offensive approach. If he's not willing to move without the ball, I think they're gonna be met with more of the same no matter who goes in there and coaches them.

"His habits have to change. He has to accept playing the game a different way. He has to start the regular season and build some habits that will carry over into the playoffs."

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One last note on Doc Rivers -- his son, Austin, has a player option with the Rockets for next season worth close to $2.4 million. So the 28-year-old has the flexibility to opt out and find a new basketball home if he determines that is the best move for him.

Could he end up joining the Warriors? Stranger things have happened.

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