Report: Three teams trying to trade for Warriors' No. 2 pick

/ by Ali Thanawalla
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With one week until the 2020 NBA Draft, it's anybody's guess as to what Bob Myers will do with the No. 2 overall pick.

Even Warriors fans are split on whether the team should draft a top prospect with the pick or trade it for an established NBA player.

But one option on the table is to find a team in the top 10 of the draft that wants to move up and work out a trade with them.

In Jonathan Givony's latest mock draft on ESPN.com, he reported Wednesday that the Warriors are talking to at least three teams about moving down and he mentioned an interesting scenario with a few teams that could be a match for the Warriors.

"The Warriors actively have been discussing trades, including scenarios that would net them a starting-caliber frontcourt player along with a pick in the top 10," Givony wrote. "The Bulls, Pistons and Knicks are among the candidates to trade up to No. 2."

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Assuming the Warriors don't trade Andrew Wiggins, the only opening in the starting lineup is at center, so acquiring a starting-caliber center makes sense.

Givony also reported that if the Warriors keep the No. 2 pick, executives around the NBA believe Myers will draft Memphis center James Wiseman.


In terms of the three teams Givony mentioned, ESPN's Zach Lowe and The Athletic's John Hollinger both floated a hypothetical trade where the Warriors send the No. 2 pick to Chicago for the No. 4 overall pick and former first-round pick Wendell Carter Jr. A move like that would be a win for Golden State because the Warriors would get a plug-and-play center and still get to draft a top wing prospect.

As for the Pistons and Knicks, it's a little harder to see a deal coming together.

Detroit isn't well-stocked with "starting-caliber frontcourt" players that fit with the Warriors. If Myers wants a center in the trade, 23-year-old Thon Maker really is the only option the Pistons have. But he's a restricted free agent, so that complicates matters.

Maker, the No. 10 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, still has room to improve, but he has started just 65 of the 255 NBA games he has played in. Would he move ahead of Marquese Chriss and Kevon Looney on the depth chart if acquired? Probably not. Maker and the No. 7 overall pick for the No. 2 pick doesn't move the needle enough.

The Knicks present a better option than the Pistons, but it's just as unlikely to happen.

Mitchell Robinson still is just 22 years old and has a team-friendly contract, but he played well for the Knicks last season and could be a building block for them.

Robinson very likely could step in and start for the Warriors right away, so if the Warriors can get him and the No. 8 overall draft pick for the No. 2 overall pick, it's worth exploring.

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Just like the reported Bulls' hypothetical trade, if the Warriors can get a young, established NBA starting center and still net a top-10 draft pick, it could turn out to be a long-term win for the organization.

Myers and the Warriors front office have a tough decision to make over the next few days, one that likely will have a huge impact on the 2020-21 NBA season and beyond.