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The countdown to the 2020 NBA Draft is down to single digits. With Nov. 18 rapidly approaching, teams have entered the final stretch of preparing their draft boards and scouring the league for potential moves.

That includes the Warriors, of course, who might be more active than just about anyone. Holding the No. 2 overall pick, there is no public consensus on what Golden State will do. The Warriors have been linked to numerous prospects, but there is a distinct possibility they trade out of their current draft position -- or out of the draft entirely.

The Warriors have made it abundantly clear that they intend to compete for the championship next season, which has led many to believe that they will attempt to trade the second pick for an established veteran capable of launching the team into a higher tier. Those players are few and far between, though, which adds to the complexity of finding a trade partner. That might explain why ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported the Warriors have not yet found the trade partner they're looking for.

"Golden State has definitely had talks about moving down," Windhorst said Monday on "The Jump." "They have been offered some interesting packages from what I have been told, but nothing that has struck their fancy just yet."

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The Warriors want to thread the needle, in that they desire to simultaneously improve the team in both the present and the future. Acquiring a veteran in a trade in which Golden State also receives a pick later in the lottery would seem the best way to do that. 


As Windhorst reported, though, that's clearly easier said than done.

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