Some details surrounding the NBA pre-draft process surfaced Monday afternoon that definitely impact the Warriors.

Golden State and every other NBA team will be allowed to meet face-to-face with draft prospects from Oct. 16 through Nov. 16, sources told The Athletic's Shams Charania.

But the biggest development here is that the Warriors -- who possess the rights to the No. 2 overall pick in the draft -- will be allowed to watch players go through a live workout in person.

They are not allowed to host players at Chase Center, so it will be members of Golden State's front office traveling to various locations.

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It's safe to assume president of basketball operations Bob Myers is elated about the opportunity to look these prospects in the eye (from a safe distance of course), and watch them take the court up close and personal.

"I value body language, eye contact and those type of things," Myers said in early June. "Even seeing a guy move within your own gym -- you want to see them. Even if it's 1-on-0. There's value in that.

"And additionally, you're not just hiring someone -- you're guaranteeing them tens of millions of dollars for some of these top picks. The comfort level diminishes the less exposure and interaction you have."

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The two-time NBA Executive of the Year expanded on the topic in early August.

"We saw some stuff (on film), but we were unable to see anybody in person like we normally would," he said. "Hopefully that's a possibility. I don't know. Interview somebody in person.

"Those are things that matter in some respects, and move the needle one way or the other. Really, the hardest thing in all of this is finding out who somebody is. That matters."

The 2020 NBA Draft is scheduled for Nov. 18.

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