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Is Kevin Durant going to re-sign with the Warriors this summer? If he elects to go that route, will he return on a one-year deal or will the contract be for multiple seasons?

If he decides to leave in free agency, will he choose the Knicks? Clippers? Lakers? Somebody else?

It's very possible that the reigning two-time Finals MVP himself has no clue what his future holds. Anything is possible (well, except for KD deciding to go play baseball or something) and everybody is in the dark.

A Golden State team source recently told Frank Isola of The Athletic:

“We have no idea what he’s going to do. Everyone wants him to stay. There’s not much more we can sell him on. If he leaves, we’ll think of it as being lucky to have him for three great years.”

It does seem like Durant's decision is very much out of the Warriors' control. Golden State can offer him the most money and the best chance at winning championships for years to come. If he walks away from that... probably wasn't anything they did as a franchise that pushed him out the door.

As Durant told Yahoo's Chris Haynes back in October: "I don’t need anything extra (from the Warriors). I'm just here to hoop and win games. I already know what this organization is about.”


In regards to the final point Isola's source made -- three years, three championships, and three Finals MVPs for Durant is very much on the table. But even if Golden State doesn't win the title this year, Warriors fans should forever be thankful that Durant chose the Dubs back in the summer of 2016.

He should always hold a special place in their hearts and minds.

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However, if Durant bounces in July, it's understandable if certain fans have conflicting feelings about his time in the Bay Area. People should 100 percent support his right to do whatever he pleases. But they are simultaneously allowed to be disappointed and feel "slighted."

With KD's future up in the air, just enjoy watching him on a nightly basis for the next couple of months.

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