Report: Warriors investigating Draymond-Poole video leak


Following the Draymond Green and Jordan Poole practice incident, the Warriors now will investigate the origin of the leaked video. 

After news broke Wednesday evening of the altercation, general manager Bob Myers, point guard Steph Curry and coach Steve Kerr spoke to reporters and addressed the incident Thursday.

Early Friday morning, TMZ leaked video of the incident, which indeed shows Green shoving and punching Poole in a dust-up during practice. 

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne and Adrian Wojnarowski reported Friday, citing sources, that Golden State is "aggressively investigating" how the video was leaked. 

"They launched an investigation immediately," Wojnarowski said Friday on ESPN's "NBA Today." "Obviously they are not happy that video got out of their practice facility and they're trying to figure out where it came from and how it got out. Whether that was somebody internally or whether that was somebody -- listen, there are different people who sometimes have access to a practice.

"So they're trying to figure out how that got out. And obviously, you can imagine there is somebody internally in that organization there would be severe repercussions (for). It's always easy to find the root of a leak like that. They may or may not be able to but certainly, that's a priority for the Warriors now is to figure out how that video got out and got on TMZ."

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The severity of the incident was clear from the start, but the leaked video showed just how forceful Green was during the altercation.

Speaking with reporters Thursday, Myers stated that the team is not likely to suspend Green for any games. If the video had not been leaked, the Warriors would have been able to handle the situation internally without the public having seen what happened.

Now that the video is publicly available, Golden State could face mounting pressure to hand down a stricter punishment. 

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