Report: Warriors' 'Plan A' is to trade lottery picks for starter

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The Warriors have made it very clear they are open to trading the No. 7 and No. 14 overall picks in the 2021 NBA Draft.

But they only are going to do that if they are confident it makes them better in the present and future.

So just how committed are they to finding a deal?

"According to a league source, the Warriors’ 'Plan A' is to package the Nos. 7 and 14 selections for a starting-caliber player in his prime," The San Francisco Chronicle's Connor Letourneau writes.

Conventional wisdom suggests that this desired target is going to be making pretty significant money, which means the Warriors would need to send out salary.

This is why Andrew Wiggins -- scheduled to make $31.6 million and $33.6 million the next two seasons -- constantly is thrown into hypothetical trades.

And what's funny about that is the fact that Wiggins is a "starting-caliber player in his prime," who might be even better moving forward when Klay Thompson gets back into the mix.

"Andrew had a really good year for us last year," Warriors vice president of basketball operations Kirk Lacob told Grant Liffmann this week on the Dubs Talk podcast. "He is super happy here, the coaching staff loves him, the players love him.

"He was great. We traded for him for a reason, he's here, we love what he's about. I understand why people throw his name into things. He's the new guy and he wasn't part of the championship core.


"But that doesn't mean he can't be part of the future."

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Then again, there's no guarantee he still will be on the Warriors a couple weeks from now.

"We are always honest with guys, too," Lacob added. "I have talked to Andrew's agent many, many times over the last year, and he will call and say 'Hey, you know I'm hearing this.' And I'm always [to Andrew] like, 'Look, you should feel very comfortable here, you are very well-liked. Am I going to tell you that you will never get traded at any point? No, I would never tell anybody that.'

"We tell everyone that. We never want to lie to someone. Now that doesn't mean that is what they want to hear, but we don't want to lie to a player or agent because that looks bad if something does happen, even if it is a remote chance."

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