The Warriors reportedly will have one week to use their $17.2 million traded player exception.

Golden State's exception, which was created when Andre Iguodala was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies last summer, expires on Nov. 23, ESPN's Bobby Marks reported Sunday morning. That's a week after the NBA's trade moratorium is lifted, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Sunday, citing sources.

If the Warriors use the exception, their luxury tax bill won't be as large as it would've otherwise been with teams' tax payments tied to any potential decreases in basketball-related income. Still, general manager and president of basketball operations Bob Myers said the Warriors don't have a mandate from ownership to use -- or not use -- the exception.

"If something makes sense, we'll do it. If it doesn't, we won't," Myers told reporters in a video conference last Wednesday. "It's there. It's a tool. We can use it. We've known that for a long time. It's finally kind of upon us, and it seems like the structure is set."

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The Warriors will have options with which to use the exception, from upgrading their roster to, as Myers noted, acquiring a team's unwanted contract coupled with a draft pick. Even though tax payments might not be as prohibitive, teams' revenue losses due to the coronavirus pandemic could force rival teams to shed salary, making Myers' scenario a distinct possibility.


Either way, Golden State won't have a whole lot of time to strike a deal.

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