UPDATE (3:04 p.m. PT on Thursday): A day after playing like Steph Curry, Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie got paid. He didn't get paid like Steph, but he still got paid.

Brooklyn and Dinwiddie agreed to a contract extension on Tuesday, the team announced.

According to ESPN and The Athletic, the deal is worth $34 million over three years.

Dinwiddie came close to Curry's original extension, which was a four-year, $44 million contract with the Warriors.

That's not a bad pay day for a guy that has started just three of 29 games this season. Now, if he can get a five-year, $201 million contract, Dinwiddie will really be playing like Steph.


"Be Like Mike?"

Nah. Spencer Dinwiddie wants to "Be Like Steph."

The Nets guard went off for a career-high 39 points in Brooklyn's 127-124 win over the 76ers in Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Dinwiddle hits four 3-points, and after the game, he was asked about his shooting from deep.

"If I had two 3s in a row I feel like Steph [Curry]," Dinwiddie said according to Bleacher Report's Yaron Weitzman. "I had a couple 3s, boy I tell you I feel like I was 6-foot-3 and light skin. I wasn’t about to stop shooting after that."


Previous generations used to compare themselves to Michael Jordan. But today's players want to be like Steph Curry. That's pretty cool.