Neymar has incredible Steph, Dray mural near his hoops court


Very few people would make soccer legend Neymar starstruck, but that’s exactly what happened when he met Warriors superstar Steph Curry. It appears that admiration has been shown and in a very beautiful way.

Neymar has his own custom-made basketball court, naturally. Right next to the court, he has a mural filled with faces of iconic NBA players, including Steph and Warriors teammate Draymond Green.

Neymar, a huge basketball fan, posted the photo of the art-filled wall on Instagram, and it looks absolutely phenomenal. 

The artwork was done by Brazilian street artist, Kobra.

Neymar called the group of legendary players his “idols” and was glad to have them looking upon him as he shoots hoops.

Green shared the photo on his Instagram story with the message, “My brotha!” to show his appreciation.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen, Jimmy Butler and LeBron James also were included on the wall.

This must send Steph through the roof. Neymar admitted he was “shaking” when he met Steph.

"Because wanting to or not, I am also a fan," Neymar said in an interview with House of Highlights last year. "It was a unique moment for me."

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The two share a lot of similarities, as they're both global phenoms in their respective sports share a mutual admiration for one another. 

Those unique moments Neymar was talking about probably will continue.

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