Steph Curry scored 51 points in three quarters Wednesday night -- an incredible feat, to be sure. But it’s made even more amazing when you consider the deeper statistical dives only possible on NBA Twitter.

So, let’s examine nine mind-blowing facts about the Warriors star’s big game against the Wizards at Oracle Arena.

1. He has more than triple the double-digit 3-point games than the next people on the list

Also mind-blowing is that J.R. Smith is on this list …

2. He also owns almost half of the 11-plus 3-pointer games in NBA history

Something tells us Steph will increase his share. And just to prove he likes his 3-pointers in bunches …

3. A Warriors player actually has scored more than 51 points in three quarters

Like Steph, Klay didn’t play in the fourth quarter of his big game.

4. Steph, KD and Klay combined to outscore six whole teams

Those 100 points were well more than what the Cavaliers (86), Knicks (87), Rockets (89), Grizzlies (92), Spurs (96) and Kings (97) put up in their games.

5. Steph would rank 26th in the NBA in 3-pointers this season -- if he was a team

They say the NBA is a superstar league, but we’re sure Curry couldn’t play 1-on-5. Maybe.

6. He now needs just 811 3-pointers in 670 more games to match the NBA all-time leader’s pace

He averaged 237 3-pointers in his previous nine NBA seasons, so unless there are health concerns, he won’t need that many games to take the top spot away from Allen. Not even close.

7. He’s the undisputed king of the 50-point, 10-3PM game

No surprise, really …

8. NBA players are hitting 50 points in a game at a record pace

Steph’s addition to this list just makes it seem right …

9. He’s now tied with Michael Jordan for most “Jordan Shrugs” with one

Steph does have MJ soundly beat in this category, though …

Just the GOAT putting on another GOAT-like performance in a season that’s sure to be memorable for Warriors fans.