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Barack Obama is a big Chicago Bulls fan.

But on Wednesday night, he paid his respects to the Golden State Warriors.

"Congrats to the @Warriors, a great group of guys on and off the court. If somebody had to break the Bulls' record, I'm glad it's them," the President tweeted shortly after Golden State won its 73rd game.

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On Feb. 4, President Obama welcomed the Warriors to the White House to honor them for winning last year's NBA championship.

At the time, the Warriors were 45-4 and chatter about breaking the Bulls' record of 72 wins was underway.

“It is rare to be in the presence of guys from the greatest team in NBA history. So we're pretty lucky today because we got one of those players in the house -- Steve Kerr from the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls!" the Commander-In-Chief joked. "It's good to see you back."

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Steph Curry and President Obama have gotten to know each other over the last couple of years, and golfed together last summer.


Earlier on Wednesday night, the President poked fun at Curry with the following tweet (below):