On Wednesday night in Washington D.C., Stephen Curry scored 51 points against the Wizards.

On Thursday afternoon, President Obama welcomed the world-champion Warriors to the White House, and made a point of poking fun at the MVP.

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"Steph's a pretty good shooter," Obama started. "For those of you who watched the game against the Wizards last night, he was, to use slang, he was 'clowning.'"

At this point, everybody in attendance started to laugh.

The President then mimicked Curry's actions on the floor.

"He's all jumping up and down (shaking his head)," said Obama, who then turned to look at Curry and joked, "just settle down."

President Obama then wanted to clear up some facts.

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"By the way, for the record, I heard that during this summer, after our golf game, that Steph was using the excuse of secret service being intimidating for why he lost the match," he said. "That is not the case (laughs). But he will have another opportunity."

The Commander-In-Chief wasn't done messing around with Curry.

"Obviously watching Steph play is incredible," he said sincerely. "And for anybody who enjoys basketball, it is just a lot of fun.


"But it's not just Steph. There's the other 'Splash Brother' Klay, who dropped 37 points in a quarter. And whose jump shot is actually a little prettier (lots of laughter). I mean, I'm just saying (smiles)."