JaVale McGee does not know who he will play for next season.

But he knows what he will be doing this summer.

"I do music. I produce music," he recently told Adam Caparell of Complex. "I had my first single come out a week ago. I’ve been doing it since high school, about 10 years, but I’ve just got really serious this year to where I have artists on my songs and I’ve got five or six songs I’ve put out."

Are you aware that Kevin Durant likes to rap in his spare time?

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Are you aware that he and LeBron James reportedly collaborated on a track back in 2011?

McGee is a fan of Durant's music talents.

"He actually has bars," McGee said. "He raps like Nas. I’ve been in his home studio and listened. He’s got a lot of songs."

So if McGee produces music, and Durant provides the vocals, could they work together in the near future?

"I want to," McGee answered. "He’s actually told me to send him some beats."

This needs to happen...

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