PatBev believes Mavs will struggle to guard Dubs' motion offense


The Warriors’ multi-threat offensive apparatus has been a jigsaw puzzle not many teams have been able to figure out. 

And Patrick Beverley isn’t fully convinced the Dallas Mavericks know what they’ve gotten themselves into ahead of the Western Conference finals. 

JJ Redick, who has been out of the league for a year but has seen plenty of Golden State’s dynasty, asked Beverley on ESPN’s First Take what the Mavs will have to do to lock down the Warriors’ fast-moving, constantly-cutting offense. 

“Go to sleep at night,” Beverley responded. “And go to sleep, like good, deep sleep because all of your energy is going to be wasted on the defensive end. That isn’t even starting on the offense yet.” 

Golden State has a team of championship veterans who have played together for years, combined with high-energetic young guys eager to be playing in the postseason. 

The way they move without the ball to throw off the defense and create plays opponents can’t keep up with is incredibly impressive and, most importantly, has proven to be successful. 

“Just how fast Draymond Green gets the ball and reverses it to the other side is something I have not heard people talk about enough,” Beverley continued. “I think he’s one of the top five playmakers in this league. [The Mavericks] guarding back cuts, them chasing screens, that’s going to take away all the legs that they have offensively too so just watch out for the Warriors. I know we didn’t talk about them in the beginning of the year because of injuries, but they’re here now. They’re here now and I don’t think they’re going anywhere.”  

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The Warriors are four wins away from advancing to their sixth NBA Finals in eight years, and their unique, one-of-a-kind offensive structure will help get them there.

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