Patrick McCaw wonders if Warriors fans will boo him at Oracle Arena

Patrick McCaw wonders if Warriors fans will boo him at Oracle Arena

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Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena between the Warriors and Raptors is still eight days away.

But Raptors guard Patrick McCaw is already thinking about the reception he will receive from Warriors fans.

“I don’t know if they’re going to be booing me or what,” he told Marc Spears of The Undefeated. “But I’m excited to go back, for real. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

"I’m excited to see what happens in that type of atmosphere. I know what to expect from the fans."

Former Warriors are typically met with cheers and applause when they return in a visiting uniform to face the Dubs.

But the McCaw situation is pretty atypical. He drew a line in the sand and refused to return to the Warriors. He wanted to leave the organization.

The saga was covered extensively the first few months of the season, with some Warriors players speaking their mind about McCaw's decision.

The 23-year old hasn't been at Oracle since Golden State's Game 2 win over the Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals.

And now he's facing his former team on basketball's biggest stage.

“This sh-- is crazy," McCaw told The Undefeated. "Never would I have thought this. It’s unbelievable.”

Even though he didn't exactly leave the organization on the best of terms, McCaw still keeps in contact with several people affiliated with the Warriors.

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“Pat has all the intangibles to be a really good player in this league,” Shaun Livingston told The Undefeated. “He was in a position where he wanted to realize his potential and didn’t think he could’ve done it here.

"I wish he could’ve stayed another year, but a player has to do what’s best for him. I still got love for Pat.”

Next week, we will find out if anybody in Dub Nation feels the same way.

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Warriors' Bob Myers uses sports analogy to give coronavirus optimism

Warriors' Bob Myers uses sports analogy to give coronavirus optimism

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down.

The impact has been devastating so far.

But Warriors general manager Bob Myers struck an optimistic tone Wednesday morning when talking to Abe Madkour of the Sports Business Journal:

"This is the first quarter of a tough game and we're down. But we can come back and we will. I don't think anything's decided -- like I said in my game analogy -- in the first quarter of a game.

"It feels daunting. It feels difficult. But this country is tremendous, and human beings are. I have great faith in what we can do medically and scientifically. And our perseverance.

"And so I think we'll be back and the leagues will be back. There's a thirst for what sports does around the world and we need it. It's a huge part of our fabric. In every culture through time, and I think it will always be there.

"Sports -- it's something that brings us together, it's something that excites us, it tests us, it challenges us. Whether you're on my daughters playing on their first-grade team or a professional athlete -- there's something to sports that is magical.

"And I think we're in moment now where we've had to pause it, but that doesn't mean it's gonna stop. So for the people listening -- I don't know that they need me to tell them -- it's gonna be fine. Doesn't mean it's gonna be fine tomorrow. But it's gonna be fine.

"And it when it is, we'll come out of it stronger, we'll come out of it better and much more knowledgeable."

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If you're having a rough day, hopefully this cheers you up.

Thank you Mr. 2015 and 2017 NBA Executive of the Year for the uplifting words.

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Steve Kerr cites Rockets' Game 7 loss to Warriors in praising midrange

Steve Kerr cites Rockets' Game 7 loss to Warriors in praising midrange

Warriors coach Steve Kerr is not a fan of the way the Houston Rockets play basketball. 

He doesn't like the extremely high number of 3-pointers they shoot (Houston averaged 46.5 attempts from deep over its last 19 games before the league was suspended).

So when Warriors television play-by-play man Bob Fitzgerald recently asked Kerr about the direction the NBA is trending in regards to style of play, his response should not surprise you:

"It's trending more and more every year to more shooting from every position. But the one thing I will always remember is our Game 7 in Houston a couple years ago when they missed 28 straight 3-point shots. Meanwhile, Kevin and Steph were hitting one midrange pull-up after another.

"In the playoffs, the midrange shot is the one you're gonna get because defenses are so in tune with everything you're trying to do. They're gonna take away the layups, they 're gonna take away the 3-point shots as best they can.

"The one that's always there is the midrange shot. I don't think you want to make it a steady diet -- you still want to shoot a lot of 3s, you want to get to the line, you want to get layups -- but it has to be a part of who you are."

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First and foremost, we need to clarify that it was 27 straight misses, not 28. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let's remind people of the particulars.

In Game 7 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals, Eric Gordon hit a 3-pointer with 6:43 remaining in the second quarter to give the Rockets a 42-28 lead.

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The next time Houston made a shot from beyond the arc came at the 6:28 mark of the fourth quarter, which made the score 89-79 in favor of the Warriors.

My goodness that is nuts.

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