Peter Guber discusses two similarities between Warriors, Dodgers


Peter Guber was a major part of the ownership group that purchased the Warriors in 2010.

In 2012, the Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment was a part of the group that bought the Los Angeles Dodgers.

So, Guber has three rings with Golden State, and celebrated earlier this week when the Dodgers captured their first World Series title since 1988.

He knows what it takes to win.

What are the similarities between the two franchises?

"There are two things. The first one is culture," Guber said Thursday on KNBR's "Papa & Lund" show. "The culture of the organization, the stability of the organization, management, ownership, the relationship to the audience, the relationship to the media.

"Culture was our business plan in both organizations. We led with that. We had to be completely authentic ... it was all about rebooting the culture -- from the bottom up and to the top down.

"All of those folks have to have their feet, tongue, heart and wallet all going in the same direction. That alignment creates the authenticity throughout the whole organization. And holds people to a standard. That works. It really works.

"It's a sustainable element of your being. That culture is something we protect ferociously."

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And what is the second variable?

"Attitude about our team and winning. Our attitude puts our aptitude on steroids," Guber said. "(And) I don't mean the kind of steroids that you get punished for (laughter). I mean the internal steroids -- the kind that make you go the last lap at full speed, the kind that make you believe that the ending is not inevitable, (but) that you're gonna make it what you want to make it.


"That attitude (is) don't settle for anything less than winning ... it's easy to say. It can't be something you plaster on a sticker somewhere. It has to be meaningful to all the participants in the organization."

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After five straight trips to the NBA Finals, the Warriors finished with the worst record in the NBA last season. Despite all of the losing in 2019-20, we frequently heard various members of the franchise talk about how the team's struggles didn't lead to any fissures within the organization. That is a testament to the strong culture.

And now, the team is energized and highly motivated to compete for the NBA championship next season and beyond.

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