The sports world was glued to the television Sunday night when ESPN aired its first two "The Last Dance" episodes. As viewers watched the final season of the Chicago Bulls' championship dynasty unfold, many couldn't help but think about another documentary they assumed would come in time.

One on the Warriors' dynasty. A chronicling of the last days of Kevin Durant's Warriors tenure no doubt would bs riveting.

But there will be no such final waltz for the Warriors.

Warriors co-chairman Peter Guber -- founder of Mandalay Entertainment, which helped produce "The Last Dance" -- explained to USA TODAY that the Dubs discussed the idea of having a camera crew embedded, but they ultimately decided against it.


“Once you do that, you actually affect the outcome of other things,” Guber told Mark Medina. “Turning the camera on with an expectation that you’re going to get to a particular point with a sports team or career or something like that? It’s a dangerous business. It’s hubris.”

Sure enough, the Warriors' dynasty -- at least the iteration that included Durant -- ended in heartbreaking fashion, with Durant (ruptured Achilles) and Klay Thompson (torn ACL) suffering devastating injuries during the Warriors' NBA Finals loss to the Toronto Raptors.

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Still, a doc showing the inner machinations and frustrations of the final days of that dynasty would be just as gripping as "The Last Dance" is.

Stories about the rise and fall of the Steph Curry-KD Warriors will continue to trickle out. Perhaps one day we'll get a documentary of some sort on the greatest collection of talent in NBA history.

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