The NBA trade deadline is over.

The Kings made some moves in hopes of bolstering the roster, the Warriors haven't done anything crazy ... yet, and the Los Angeles Lakers will not be the new home of Anthony Davis

And since The Brow will not be sporting a Lakers uniform any time soon, the odds the team will win the NBA title changed quite drastically:

That's a lot of pressure to put on one guy, but goes to show just how valuable AD is. 

Still, it appears the Warriors are still the favorites to win it all -- which is great news. The Kings have about the same odds as the Orlando Magic and the Dallas Mavericks, but they do have better chances than the Memphis Grizzlies, who just traded franchise star Marc Gasol

So that's ... something. Even after making those few moves. One of which had the Kings acquiring Harrison Barnes


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And as far as the Cavs, Knicks, Bulls, and the Suns are concerned. Well: Not Applicable.