Pro golfer defends Steph Curry: 'I think it's sad...'

Pro golfer defends Steph Curry: 'I think it's sad...'

Earlier this week, it was announced that Stephen Curry was going to play in a Web.com Tour golf event. 

Instant controversy was spread and many, professionals, analysts and fans were upset the Curry was competing in the tournament.

Most popular in the twitter-verse was Lee McCoy, a golfer for the Mackenzie Tour

Not all golfers though share the same sentiment.

After the second round of the Quicken Loans National, world No. 129, Harold Varner III, a friend of the NBA Champion, spoke to CSN about the matter. 

"I think its sad that a few players think that it is taking someone else's spot, but you're not in the tournament director's shoes to be able to make that decision."

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Why Andre Iguodala will keep starting at point guard for Warriors

Why Andre Iguodala will keep starting at point guard for Warriors

OAKLAND – Though the Warriors are considering reinserting Quinn Cook as the starting point guard in Stephen Curry’s absence, don’t look for it to happen Wednesday night.

That’s when the Warriors face the Oklahoma City Thunder and, to be specific, the dynamo that is Russell Westbrook.

The likeliest defensive matchup for Westbrook is shooting guard Klay Thompson, who generally gets that assignment. Expect Andre Iguodala to make his fourth consecutive start at point guard. He’ll likely match up with guards Hamidou Diallo or Dennis Schroder.

With Thompson and Kevin Durant struggling to score, it’s becoming apparent the Warriors would benefit if Iguodala can deliver more than the 5.7 points he averaged since supplanting Cook last week in Houston.

Iguodala seems to sense the need.

“I’ve been feeling really good, actually,” Iguodala said after practice Tuesday. “Even my shot is feeling good. Even my misses have felt really good. I’m just in a good place right now. I’ve got to be a little bit more aggressive offensively in finding that good balance in playing with the starting unit.”

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While players and coaches alike realize Cook has been the team’s most reliable scoring option since Curry went down, the Warriors don’t want to throw Cook to the tiger that is Westbrook.

Cook started at point guard in the first three games without Curry, but came off the bench in the last three.

In the three games he started, Cook averaged 17.3 points on 53.7-percent shooting, including 40 percent from beyond the arc, in 28.7 minutes per game.

Coming off the bench the last three games, Cook averaged 14.0 points on 56.6-percent shooting, including 53.8 percent from deep, and 25 minutes.

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With the Portland Trail Blazers' fabulous backcourt duo of Damian Lilliard and CJ McCollum coming up after Westbrook, Cook likely will come off the bench in that game, too.

With Curry out, the Warriors are struggling to keep three deep shooters on the floor. Either Durant or Thompson must always be on the floor. That leaves Jonas Jerebko, two-way wing Damion Lee and Cook as the other options.

So Cook, no matter how well he is shooting, can expect to lead the second unit – at least until the Warriors face a backcourt that doesn’t offer such an imposing matchup.

Steph Curry explains why it's harder for Warriors to move past drama

Steph Curry explains why it's harder for Warriors to move past drama

Programming note: Watch Wednesday night's Warriors-Thunder game streaming live at 7:30 p.m. PT on the MyTeams app.

Cable news, social media, smart phones, podcasts, the internet, etc. Content, content, content. It just never stops.

Combine all that with the fact that people like drama, and that's why we are in the middle of this Kevin Durant-Draymond Green saga.

While in Texas over the weekend, Steph Curry was asked the following question from Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

"How much more difficult is it to push your team past this when everyone on the outside is reliving it in your face and on your screens?"

Curry's response was...

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...interesting to say the least.

“The one thing I’ll say is it’s a lot more difficult in terms of people knowing everything. Misinformation is another thing. With how active as our guys are on social media, it’s hard not to see that stuff.

“But it tests your character, makes you figure out how to compartmentalize stuff. Either you take it as entertainment or you get influenced by it. Whatever you think, however you are in real life, in terms of how impressionable you are, how insecure you might be, how confident in yourself you might be, that’ll all reflect in how you handle it.”


Without diving too deep into this or speculating unfairly, it sounds like Curry believes the best approach to dealing with all of the noise is to accept that it's out of your control and to always remember that some of the stuff said by TV talking heads is hyperbole intended to stir up controversy because that is what delivers clicks and shares and likes and retweets and ratings, etc.

Or in other words -- don't pay attention and/or don't let it bother you. Clearly, that is easier said than done.

Can't we all just get along and do stuff like this:

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