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Since he graduated from Duke in 2015, Quinn Cook has been on a wild NBA journey.

His big opportunity came in late March when Steph Curry hurt his knee. The Warriors called Cook's number, and he took advantage in a big way.

The result -- a guaranteed one-year contract worth just over $1.5 million with the Warriors. But just because Cook has some security, that doesn't mean he's feeling comfortable.

"Comfortable wouldn’t be the world I would use," he said Tuesday on KNBR 680. "This was my best summer (in terms of) sleeping, just because I knew where I was gonna be. I worked the same -- always staying paranoid -- so I constantly worked on my game this summer; getting in shape and changing my body.

"It was weird. I had to buy a dresser and stuff like that, because I was always living out of my suitcase. I got to finally unpack my suitcase and move into a place here in Oakland. … Now, I have a great routine and I have a consistent place to sleep at night."

Cook is well aware that nothing is guaranteed for a guy like him. He'll be back on the free agent market next summer, and he constantly has to prove that he's worthy of a guaranteed contract.

His personal goal this season is to be a mainstay in the Warriors' rotiation -- an every-game contributor, no matter the situation.

After practice Tuesday, coach Steve Kerr said the Warriors will use the final two preseason games against the Lakers as dress rehearsals, and you can expect to see rotations that will be deployed when the regular season begins.


So watch carefully Wednesday and Friday night, as we will have a good indication of where Cook stands on the depth chart.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller