The NBA Finals between the Warriors and Raptors have been heated from the beginning, but most of that hostility has occurred off the court. 

After Raptors fans appeared to celebrate when KD fell to the ground with an Achilles injury in Game 5 in Toronto, there has been ample reaction on both sides.

But there are signs of change, as a Raptors fan started a new GoFundMe to support Kevin Durant's charity.

"We're sorry that some fans of Raptor Nation at the Scotiabank arena, Jurassic Park, and in some bars/restaurants showing the game, displayed an ugly side of fandom when they cheered on the injury of Kevin Durant," the GoFundMe writes.

The fundraiser, created by Hamzah Moin, also notes the way they reacted "isn't cool" and it's especially "not what I expect from fellow Canadians."

He also acknowledges the amount of hard work, blood, sweat and tears the ten-time All-Star puts into basketball and wants to give back to something KD is passionate about.

"Helping to enrich the lives of at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds through educational, athletic and social programs through the Kevin Durant Foundation."

So far, its raised almost $9,000 with a goal of $25K. 

Recently, an anonymous fan sent the Warriors and KD some flowers along with a banner and cards apologizing "on behalf of Canada" after the injury occurred. 


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It's nice to see these kind gestures towards Durant, who obviously is struggling with having to deal with a catastrophic injury. 

There are good people in the world after all.