When Kevin Durant fell to the ground and grabbed the back of his lower right leg during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a large portion of Raptors fans inside Scotiabank Arena appeared to have the wrong reaction.

Sights of fans cheering and waving goodbye to Durant, who appears to have torn his Achilles tendon, sent shockwaves throughout social media.

It seems the same can be said for groups of Raptors fans outside of the arena as well.

This video appears to show Raptors fans in Jurassic Park cheer when Durant's injury is shown on the outdoor big screen. 

Another video clearly shows certain Raptors fans cheer inside a bar when Durant clearly was hobbled. 

Groups of inappropriate people can't cast a dark shadow over an entire fan base, though. It's extremely irresponsible of fans to ever cheer for an injury, and Raptors players and Toronto-based rapper Drake were quick to let fans know they were wrong for doing so.

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Drake even posted a lengthy message of support for KD after the game, and showed his emotions in the moment.