Allen contrasts shooting talent, skill of Steph and Klay


The Splash Brothers are widely regarded as two of the greatest shooters of all time, as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have changed the way basketball is played over their decorated tenure with the Warriors.

Steph is set to make some NBA 3-point history in the coming days, as he sits just nine makes behind Ray Allen for the most career 3-pointers in league history. Allen has been making the rounds as Curry nears his record, and spoke with "The Dan Patrick Show" on Friday about the differences between Thompson and Curry's shooting talent.

Patrick posed an intriguing question to Allen comparing the two, leading to a detailed answer from the Hall of Famer.

"This may sound strange to you. I think Klay Thompson is a better stand shooter than Steph is," Patrick said. "Steph just creates. Klay, get the ball, maybe one dribble or catch and shoot, is more dangerous than Steph. Is that a fair assessment, in your opinion?"

"I wouldn't say more dangerous because Steph has the ball all the time, so you have to really take that ... defense and you have to contribute two and then sometimes three guys to him. And that's where everybody around him is able to be great in their roles. But in my comparison with Klay, Klay is moving without the ball. He can shift the defense. When he gets open, everybody gets open, similar to how I played. I believe Steph is in a lane of his own that I don't think he has [a comparison].


"You can say him and Damian Lillard, with their ability to shoot from deep and be able to handle the ball and get into the paint. But Steph gets to the paint more than Lillard does. I would compare Klay more to myself and Reggie [Miller] because we are moving without the ball, we're kind of on the weak side a lot, and throw [Richard] Hamilton even though Rip wasn't a big volume 3-point shooter. But to be able to move the defense and to come off pin-downs and screens and shoot in transition without touching the ball is a real talent."

Steph's shooting motion is unique and much less conventional than Thompson's. There never has been a player who handles ball as much as Curry does and shoots at such an unbelievable rate from all over the court.

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Thompson has not played in an NBA game since June 2019 after multiple lower-body injuries, but in his semi-public workouts on the court at Chase Center before some Warriors games this season, that shooting form appears to be as immaculate as ever.

Given all the success the two have experienced together, it would have been amazing if Klay was suited up and on the floor with Curry when he breaks Allen's record, but the rehabbing shooting guard remained in the Bay Area while the Warriors embark on a five-game East Coast road trip.

Hopefully, before the end of December, we will see the Splash Brothers reunited on the court together in uniform.

While different in their approaches, both belong in the conversation among the sport's greatest perimeter shooters of all time without question.

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