Why Allen won't heckle Steph during 3-point record pursuit


The NBA is a few days away from witnessing history as Ray Allen gets ready to pass the 3-point crown over to Steph Curry. 

The Warriors star is just 10 triples away from passing Allen and becoming the NBA's all-time leader in 3-pointers made. 

It’s going to happen, but the big question is when? 

Well, it’ll likely be sometime during the Warriors’ five-game road trip against the Philadelphia 76ers (Dec. 11), Indiana Pacers (Dec. 13), New York Knicks (Dec. 14), Boston Celtics (Dec. 17) and Toronto Raptors (Dec. 18). 

And after hitting six threes against the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, most figure it won’t take Steph more than three games to break the record. 

Allen said it’s only right if he’s in the building during the historic night. 

"I spoke with the people at the Warriors and I actually spoke with Steph a little bit, trying to help him navigate this whole process,” Allen said on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday. “It's an exciting time for him and I tried to give him what I was dealing with, you know, going into the game and everything that led up to it. 

“And I was fortunate because I broke the record in Boston against the [Los Angeles] Lakers with Reggie in the building, so it's only appropriate that I find my way there. I don't know where it's going to be so I got to kind of watch this thing. I don't know if you know, but I'm coaching myself, Gulliver Prep here in Miami and we have games as well. So it's a tricky situation for me trying to navigate what it is that happens with them."


Allen passed five-time NBA All-Star Reggie Miller’s 3-point shooting record back in 2011 while Miller was sitting courtside working the TV broadcast. 

Steph said he wants a special moment like that when his big night comes. 

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And even after being dethroned, Allen said he will lead cheers for Steph.  

"Why don't you go heckle him, Ray? Put up a sign and yell out 'I'm the king,’ ” Patrick asked.

“Because if you haven't watched anything over the last 12 years, that's not going to bother Steph,” Allen responded. 

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