Report: Celtics made a trade offer to Spurs for Kawhi Leonard


Report: Celtics made a trade offer to Spurs for Kawhi Leonard

LeBron James' free-agent decision is the biggest storyline of the summer.

But Kawhi Leonard's future with the Spurs is probably a close second.

On Wednesday morning, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski took inventory of the situation.

One detail that is sure to create some dialogue:

The Boston Celtics made a trade offer to San Antonio before the February deadline, but the Spurs turned it down -- and never made a counterproposal, league sources said.

San Antonio wasn't willing to discuss deals for Leonard in February. So far this spring, the Spurs remain resistant to trades.


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If the Celtics simply stand pat this summer -- and Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward return to full health -- the Celtics are going to be awesome next season.

In fact, at this very second, they probably are the biggest threat to a Warriors three-peat. 

But Celtics GM Danny Ainge may decide to make another blockbuster deal and go "all in."

It feels like around this time every year we say "this summer is going to the craziest summer in NBA history."

But seriously -- this summer is going to be the craziest summer in NBA history...

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Report: Veteran guard Jamal Crawford agrees to deal with Suns


Report: Veteran guard Jamal Crawford agrees to deal with Suns

If you think along the lines of Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, you probably wanted the Warriors to sign veteran free agent Jamal Crawford. Unfortunately, you, KD and Draymond didn't get your wish.

On the eve of the 2018-19 NBA season, the 38-year-old guard agreed to a one-year deal with the Phoenix Suns, according to multiple national reports.

The Suns will pay Crawford $2.4 million, according to The Undefeated's Marc J. Spears.

Crawford spent last season with the Timberwolves. In 80 games, he averaged 10.3 points, 2.3 assists and 1.2 rebounds in 20.7 minutes off the bench.

Crawford is the third veteran presence to be added to the Suns' roster this offseason, joining former Rockets forwards Trevor Ariza and Ryan Anderson.

The move to add Crawford is the first noteworthy addition by interim Suns general manager James Jones, who took over when GM Ryan McDonough was fired last Monday.

So instead of playing with him, Durant and Green will have to play Crawford four times this season.

NBA Power Rankings: Warriors, Kings open 2018-19 season at opposite ends


NBA Power Rankings: Warriors, Kings open 2018-19 season at opposite ends

The NBA season gets under way this week, beginning with an opening-night doubleheader on Tuesday. By next Monday, every team will have played at least twice and some three times.

Here are our NBA Power Rankings as the season gets under way:

30) Kings: As imagined, the preseason was hideous. Rebuilding is a sad thing when it’s obvious before the season begins.

29) Magic: Steve Clifford moves to the Humid Kingdom, trying to fix another broken franchise. Here’s to his health.

28) Hornets: Kemba Walker, the league’s biggest little man, is about all there is.

27) Hawks: Trae Young and a renovated Philips Arena are the beginning and end of the excitement.

26) Knicks: David Fizdale can coach. But there’s no timetable for Kristaps Porzingis’ return, so no timetable for meaningful games at the Garden.

25) Cavs: Their best player is Kevin Love. Who is No. 2? Rodney Hood? George Hill? Better enjoy those Larry Nance Jr. dunks.

24) Timberwolves: With the Jimmy Butler drama circling around them, this bunch is a complete and utter mess until proven otherwise.

23) Grizzlies: The potential for recovery, as always, hinges on whether Mike Conley can stay healthy? We’ll wait.

22) Nets: I like Spencer Dinwiddie mentality, Joe Harris’ shooting touch and not much about D’Angelo Russell.

21) Suns: They will be better because they have shooters around the baby beast that is Deandre Ayton.

20) Pistons: Dwane Casey, a very good coach, landed with a very mediocre squad.

19) Bulls: Intriguing young players. We like Wendell Carter Jr. A benefit of being in the East is that when Lauri Markkanen returns can they dream of the playoffs.

18) Heat: Erik Spoelstra will make spin occasional bits of magic from this mincemeat. Farewell, D-Wade.

17) Clippers: That 5-0 preseason record is a mirage. They’ll be just outside the playoffs. And Doc is on the clock.

16) Mavs: If this seems a bit too high it’s because DeAndre Jordan can make an impact and we refuse to underestimate Luka Doncic.

15) Pacers: Victor Oladipo busted out of the box last season. It’s your turn, Myles Turner. What do you have?

14) Blazers: Damian Lillard is legit. CJ McCollum is sweet. The only way they shake being swept from the playoffs is if Jusuf Nurkic shows up.

13) Spurs: The injuries are deflating, but Pop has a new toy in DeMar DeRozan. A reversal of fortune is needed to do better than an 8-seed.

12) Wizards: Still the team most likely to talk the talk and walk the . . . beaches of Cancun in May.

11) Thunder: This team could move into the top 5 -- once Russell Westbrook and Andre Roberson are healthy. Until then, this is where they live.

10) Pelicans: We’re not fooled by that 0-5 preseason. As long as AD and Jrue are upright, these boys will be dangerous.

9) Lakers: They played decent D last season. Now the offense looks, um, challenging. That’s the LeBron Effect.

8) Bucks: Mike Budenholzer knows offense. He has Giannis Antetokounmpo. They’re a shooter away from at least a top-4 seed.

7) Nuggets: Missed the playoffs by a game last season. They’ll push for a top-4 seed this time around.

6) 76ers: Young, ambitious and plenty cheeky, they’d get schooled in the West. They’ll do some teaching in the East.

5) Jazz: Ignore the 5-0 preseason but not the 30.6-point win margin and the volley of 3s. And remember that no team in the league is less fun to play.

4) Raptors: Kawhi looks great. If Kyle Lowry gets out of his feelings, this deep squad can top last season’s 59 wins. Oh, the joys of being in the East.

3) Rockets: We’re not as high on the Carmelo addition as others. We’re not as high on the defense, either. But relentlessness is a virtue.

2) Celtics: The 3s didn’t drop in the preseason. They will, beginning this week. This is a team built to be good early and great later.

1) Warriors: Trash that 1-4 preseason record. If Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are ready, soon, expect a fast start.