Report: Gordon Hayward 'unlikely to return' this season


Report: Gordon Hayward 'unlikely to return' this season

Despite the severity of Gordon Hayward's injury, there was a small bit of hope that he might be able to return this season.

It appears that won't happen.

Hayward underwent surgery Wednesday night and is "unlikely to return this season," his agent Mark Bartelstein told ESPN.

"We expect him to make a full recovery and return to his All-Star form," Bartelstein told ESPN.

The Celtics' prized offseason acquisition suffered the terrifying ankle injury just five minutes into his Boston debut on Tuesday night. He was diagnosed with a dislocated left ankle and broken tibia.

After playing in Cleveland on Tuesday, the Celtics returned to Boston for their home opener on Wednesday against the Bucks. Prior to the game, a 30-second video message from Hayward to the fans was played in the arena.

“What’s up, everybody? Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s had me in their thoughts and prayers,” Hayward said. “I’m going to be all right. It’s hurting me that I can’t be there for the home opener. I want nothing more than to be with my teammates and walk out on that floor tonight. But I’ll be supporting you guys from here, and wishing you the best of luck. Kill it tonight.”

Kevin Durant envisions getting statue in front of Warriors' Chase Center


Kevin Durant envisions getting statue in front of Warriors' Chase Center

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Kevin Durant has a vivid imagination, and he sees big things in store for himself, his teammates and the Warriors organization.

Back on Nov. 20 -- about one week after his confrontation with Draymond Green at Staples Center -- the two-time NBA Finals MVP sat down with Yahoo's Chris Haynes for an extended conversation.

Durant was asked if he's thought about what winning a third consecutive championship would mean for himself, his legacy and/or the Golden State franchise.

"I know for a fact that we'll all get our jerseys retired, we'll probably all get statues here in front of the Chase Center," Durant said. "We'll be Bay Area legends forever. People will recognize this team and this run forever in this area.

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"Steve Kerr is gonna be immortalized, and he's gonna be a legend forever -- Bob Myers as well, and Joe Lacob. That's what I think about. And I think that's going to happen. I think about 50 years from now, when they have our whole team on the Chase Center floor -- or whatever the arena is at that point -- and all the fans are gonna be cheering for us and reminiscing on those days; all of them -- good and bad days -- even what me and Draymond went through.

"That's probably the only thing I've really been locked in on when it comes to three-peat ... Steph can be like Joe Montana and Dwight Clark, and somebody can be the Jerry Rice of this group. I know how deep the sports culture is here in the Bay Area. I see Ronnie Lott, and people start slobbering out there mouth when they see Ronnie Lott walking through.

"We got an opportunity to do something like that. Forget everything else -- let's just do that because we're gonna be legends here forever. No matter how many points you score, (or) how many MVPs or Finals MVPs -- that bulls**t that they want to throw out -- we are champs in the Bay Area forever. We're gonna get statues and our jerseys retired -- that's the coolest thing ever."

The biggest question looming over the season, of course, is will Durant ever play at Chase Center as a member of the Warriors? We will get that answer in July.

Follow-up question: If Durant chooses to leave the Warriors this summer, will the franchise ever give him a statue in front of their new home? That's a question that can be debated down the line ...

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NASA invites Steph Curry on tour to prove people landed on the moon


NASA invites Steph Curry on tour to prove people landed on the moon

NASA has a lesson plan ready for a skeptical Steph Curry. 

Curry said on Monday's episode of the "Winging It Podcast" that he didn't think anyone had been to the moon, and now the federal agency responsible for sending people to the moon -- among other things -- wants to show Curry what's what. NASA invited the Warriors star to tour the Johnson Space Center in Houston to see the litany of evidence that we've been to the moon.

"There's lots of evidence NASA landed 12 American astronauts on the Moon from 1969-1972. We'd love for Mr. Curry to tour the lunar lab at our Johnson Space Center in Houston, perhaps the next time the Warriors are in town to play the Rockets," NASA spokesman Allard Beutel said in a statement (via CNN). "We have hundreds of pounds of Moon rocks stored there, and the Apollo mission control. During his visit, he can see first-hand what we did 50 years ago, as well as what we're doing now to go back to the Moon in the coming years, but this time to stay."

Curry should have plenty of time to tour NASA. The Warriors next play in Houston on March 13, three days after their previous game. The two-time MVP seemed to be a fan of the idea, at least based on his Twitter reaction. 

Curry also spoke with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami late Monday night, and expanded upon his lunar skepticism. 

Maybe Curry was just playing the long game, and this is all really an elaborate effort to inform an American public that's increasingly prone to conspiracy theories, as dangerous ones have real-life consequences. If he really thinks the Moon landings were faked, though, Houston Rockets general manager Darryl Morey had a retort at the ready. 

We wouldn't bet on Morey to accompany Curry on a tour of Johnson Space Center in March. But if we could put people on the moon, that's gotta be doable, right?