Report: NBA free agency likely delayed, maybe draft as well


The 2020 NBA Draft is slated for Oct. 16, with NBA free agency supposed to open Oct. 18.

It sounds like you shouldn't count on those events taking place as scheduled.

"The National Basketball Players Association has been preparing its membership for the likelihood that the start of free agency in mid-October could be pushed back several weeks," sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. "Among many teams, there is interest in connecting the mid-October draft and free-agency periods so that they could be delayed together.

"Front-office executives are privately concerned about the lack of salary cap and luxury tax projections in place before the Oct. 16 draft. Those projections would allow them to make crucial decisions -- including on possible trades -- with a clearer understanding of the financial ramifications."

It's fair to assume that the Warriors are one of the teams who would like to see these dates tied together.

Golden State is going to have a top-five draft pick, and the expectation is that the franchise is going to explore potential trades whether the selection ends up at No. 1 overall or No. 5. Additionally, the belief among many is that the Warriors -- who have "a lot of ammo" to improve the roster this offseason -- will be very active in free agency.

And there's no question that it is hard to forge ahead with a coherent plan if you don't know all of the logistics and parameters.


"The longer the league waits on every decision and projection, the hope is that the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic can offer a better understanding of whether there is a possibility of playing games in 2020-21 with fans in arenas, which is vital to the league's financial health," Woj writes.

This makes perfect sense and is the smart approach.

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The Warriors generate more revenue from each home game than any other team in the NBA. So as you can understand, the organization is devoting a lot of resources in the attempt to get Chase Center's doors back open.

"That's what we are built to do -- have a great audience and entertain our fans, as well as win a championship," owner Joe Lacob told Larry Beil last week on ABC7's "With Authority" podcast. "So we really want to do that. We're working really hard in that regard.

"I've worked with the league extensively on the (COVID-19) testing strategies with respect to what's going on in the bubble. And we're actually doing the same thing in terms of trying to lead the way (for) how we're going to maybe test fans as an example -- if need be -- when we resume play."

Furthermore, this latest news makes it more likely that Opening Night for the 2020-21 season -- tentatively planned for Dec. 1 -- gets pushed back as well.

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