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Steph Curry wasn’t in Los Angeles for the Warriors' game Monday night. He wasn’t on the floor at the end of regulation when Draymond Green and Kevin Durant said some things to each other that they both probably wish they could take back.

The two-time NBA MVP didn’t make the trip because he stayed in the Bay Area to get treatment for his strained groin. So on Tuesday, he needed to get to the bottom of what happened in the time just before overtime started against the Clippers.

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So what did Curry do exactly? Here are the details, from Marcus Thompson of The Athletic:

Durant has said he doesn’t want to lead anybody on. But Green is part of a contingent that believes Durant has a hand in creating the hype about his free agency, a tangential focus that detracts from their mission of winning a third straight title.

Myers and Kerr were made aware of Green’s concerns in their meeting. Green also shared them with Curry, who visited Green’s house before Tuesday’s game to get Green’s side, Curry’s efforts to repair the situation.

If you haven't been following "Warriors Twitter" -- in the last 36 hours, there have been plenty of jokes made about how Curry doesn't accompany the team on one road trip and everything starts to fall apart.

Exhibit A:


Curry has missed the last three games, and the Warriors have three more games this week -- at Houston on Thursday, at Dallas on Saturday and at San Antonio on Sunday.


It should be a very interesting weekend in Texas ...

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