Richard Jefferson compares Vince Carter's hoops impact to Steph Curry's

Richard Jefferson compares Vince Carter's hoops impact to Steph Curry's

We aren't sure if the 2019-20 NBA season will resume at any point in the coming months, as the league has suspended games for at least the next 30 days to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

As a result, it's possible that Vince Carter never will play in an NBA game again.

If that in fact turns out to be the case, this was the final shot of his 22-season career:

Richard Jefferson -- who was teammates with Carter in the mid-2000s on the New Jersey Nets -- posted a tribute to the eight-time All-Star on Instagram:

Let's focus on the "What Steph did to the 3pt line you did to dunking" part of the message.

Carter won the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest and arguably is the greatest dunker (in-game or otherwise) or all-time. He inspired Jefferson and countless others to get as creative as possible with their athleticism, leading to variations of dunks never before seen.

Likewise, Curry has changed the way people all over the globe play basketball and view the game.

As media personality Dan Patrick said recently:

Steph Curry changed basketball. And there aren't many players you can say, 'changed basketball.' The 2015 and 2016 seasons -- Steph Curry changed basketball. The entire league. You can't go find a Bird and Magic, you can't find a Michael Jordan, you can't find a Shaq, you couldn't find a Wilt Chamberlain.

"Everybody thinks they can find a Steph Curry. Everybody playing the game -- high school, grade school, even in college -- they think they can be Steph Curry. You feel like you could be Steph Curry. He changed the image of the NBA, and I think he's underrated because of that."

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Hopefully we see Carter throw down another dunk and Curry make another 30-footer sooner rather than later.

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Steve Kerr, Warriors will approach Chicago bubble 'like summer league'

Steve Kerr, Warriors will approach Chicago bubble 'like summer league'

Steve Kerr made headlines a month ago when he said the Warriors would not be interested in participating in some sort of summer league with the teams not playing in Orlando.

On Thursday, Golden State's coach provided an update on his perspective as a guest on The Athletic's "Hoops, Adjacent" podcast with David Aldridge and BIG Wos.

"Originally when it was announced that the 22 teams would go to Orlando, we felt like the other eight of us would probably be allowed to do some kind of an in-market training camp. And that is the most preferable scenario for us and frankly for most of the teams," Kerr explained. "But like everything else in the world, there are just so many factors here.

"I respect where the NBA is coming from, where the players' association is coming from, where the guidelines are coming from -- so this is really complex.

"We're gonna do whatever the league asks us to do. If that means going to Chicago for a bubble, then we'll do it."

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Well there you have it.

But don't expect players like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins to join the team in the "Windy City." In fact, it's very possible Kerr doesn't make the trip either.

When Aldridge said, "I got to imagine at the very least, younger guys would be the core of your group, right? And maybe some of the younger coaches, frankly, might make that trip," Kerr was transparent.

"We really haven't had a chance to talk about it, but I think those are pretty good assumptions to make," the eight-time NBA champion said. "It would feel like a summer league. If we go to Chicago, it's purely for development."

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So guys like Eric Paschall, Jordan Poole, Alen Smailagic and Marquese Chriss would be expected to take the floor.

It's safe to assume new details will emerge at some point this month, but the overwhelming majority of the league's focus right now -- understandably -- is on Orlando.

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Watch Steph Curry, Canelo Álvarez spar at celebrity golf tournament

Watch Steph Curry, Canelo Álvarez spar at celebrity golf tournament

Oh no! Steph Curry got in a sparring match.

Just kidding. But the Warriors superstar did have a fake fight with legendary boxer Canelo Álvarez while the two were waiting to play a practice round at the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe.

Canelo made Curry look the least athletic he probably has ever looked -- and that’s saying something. 

Canelo swiped from the left side at Steph and he couldn’t believe it. 

“You’re supposed to move, dude,” somebody shouted as Steph laughed. 

Canelo has just one loss across his career with 53 wins in 56 fights -- 36 of those wins by knockout. That’s probably why he’s dubbed the world’s best active boxer by BoxRec. 

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Glad it’s Steph and not me.

Don’t worry, nobody was hurt in the making of this Instagram story.