Rick Barry describes Steph with hilarious childbirth analogy

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Steph Curry does things on the basketball court that never have been done before.

The two-time NBA MVP -- who scored 53 points against the Denver Nuggets on Monday night and became the Warriors' all-time leading scorer in the process -- constantly leaves you in awe.

There are times when you're speechless watching him do his thing.

"There really aren't enough adequate words to describe what Steph Curry does," Warriors legend Rick Barry said Tuesday morning on 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" show. "He probably was more happy about the fact that they got a win, so they can keep themselves in that playoff hunt.

"But to go out and take care of business like he did in the first quarter was pretty special. He's just a remarkable player. The thing I love about him so much is he has fun. He's having a good time out there. He loves the game.

"There are a handful of guys who you can say are worth the price of admission. Steph is one of those."

Barry then used an unbelievable/hilarious analogy when discussing the three-time NBA champion.

"I remember watching some of my children being born," the Hall of Famer began. "You watch that and how can words describe what an amazing accomplishment that is -- an amazing thing of nature seeing a child being born.


"Watching Steph play -- it's not quite at that level, but it's pretty darn close to it."

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You almost assuredly will not hear a better quote the rest of the day or even week. Yours truly can't stop laughing.

Barry nailed it.

As for Steph, he is averaging 38.4 points over Golden State's last six games, while shooting 53.5 percent overall and 45.7 percent from deep.

"He's something extremely special," Barry said. "I'm one of his biggest fans. He's my favorite player to watch."

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