Welts has perfect joke to describe Steph's importance to Dubs

Warriors' Steph Curry

It would take a lot of effort to not see how important Steph Curry is to the Warriors on and off the basketball court, and the people atop the organization have no such trouble.

That doesn't mean Golden State's ownership group is taking credit for him, either.

"I do have to remind Joe [Lacob] and Peter [Guber] once in a while, when we start feeling really good about everything that we have accomplished, that it is always probably a good idea to buy a team that already has Steph Curry on the roster," Warriors president and COO Rick Weltz joked on this week's episode of the "Dubs Talk" podcast.

"When you buy an NBA team, your chances of success are probably going to be greatly enhanced."

When Lacob and Guber bought the team in July 2010, the Warriors had just completed a 26-56 season as one of the worst teams in the NBA.

Three seasons later, Curry led the Warriors back to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. six seasons. Five seasons later, Golden State made its first of five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, winning its first of three championships over that span.

Thanks to Curry's brilliance, the Warriors were a powerhouse on the court and in terms of television audience. Golden State routinely ranked at or near the top of the NBA in local and national TV ratings. The 2015, '16 and '17 NBA Finals, for instance, averaged more viewers per game than any other Finals this century.


When Curry broke his hand in the fifth game of last season and the Warriors fell into the NBA's cellar, local TV ratings declined and national appearances dried up.

All of that has changed this season with Curry returning and playing at an MVP level.

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Local television ratings are up "100 percent, doubling up this year versus last year," according to Welts. In the second half of the season, only the Los Angeles Lakers (21) and Brooklyn Nets (19) will make more national TV appearances than the Warriors.

"It would be hard to say a huge part of that isn't getting to watch Steph Curry play basketball every night." Welts said. "It is must-see TV, especially with the season he is having right now."

With Curry eligible again to sign a contract extension this offseason, it's now up to Golden State to make sure Curry stays in the Bay Area the rest of his career.

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