Welts reveals 'secret sauce' to recruiting players to Warriors

Rick Welts, Warriors

The chance to play with Steph Curry, or be coached by Steve Kerr, are some of the many reasons why NBA free agents have thought of the Warriors as a great destination over the last decade.

But according to President and COO of the Warriors Rick Welts, there are reasons beyond basketball that may sway some players their way as well.

"In some measure, it's because of what goes on here in the Bay Area," Welts said on the latest episode of the "Dubs Talk" podcast. "We have companies based here in the Bay Area that are charting the future of the world, and they are of interest to 20-somethings because they represent new economies, they represent new ways of doing things. Long term I think it's one of the reasons we will be able to stay a very attractive destination."

Welts said business-savvy players like Andre Iguodala have benefitted from Golden State's location in the Bay Area.

"I think for a player like Andre Iguodala, that was a factor, in seeing this as an opportunity for his career that would be beyond basketball," Welts said. "And I think we have several really good business minds on our team, but we are also in an environment where they are NBA basketball players, and corporate executives will fall over backwards just to be able to have conversations with Andre Iguodala, or Draymond Green, or Klay Thompson, so the doors swing open to the most important companies in the world, when an NBA player shows an interest.


"So I think it's a little bit of the secret sauce for why we are going to be successful over time where people who have interests beyond basketball, are going to see the Warriors as an incredibly valuable destination."

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The Bay Area is home to some of the most influential and wealthy technology companies in the world, like Google, Apple, Facebook, Salesforce and many others. According to Welts, there is quite a bit of representation from high-profile tech executives at their games.

"When we go back to normal times, you can look at all those amazing celebrities around the floor at Staples Center in Los Angeles, and you look around the floor at Chase Center, and while all of them are not as recognizable for their celebrity, they can buy and sell that front row of Staples Center ten times over," Welts said. "So the influencers you are able to come in contact with by being a member of the Warriors is unlike any other market in the country."

With the Warriors nearing a new era of basketball as their current stars move into their mid-30s in the next few years, they will need all the help they can get bringing in the best players to the Bay Area.

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