Rick Welts: Teams 'praying' DeMarcus Cousins is crack in Warriors' armor


Happy Boogie Day, Warriors fans.

It's the day you've been looking forward to since news broke on July 2 that DeMarcus Cousins shocked the NBA world and agreed to a deal with the Warriors.

But for the rest of the teams in the league, they are looking forward to Cousins' Warriors debut because they hope it's the beginning of the end for the Golden State dynasty.

Warriors COO Rick Welts was recently in the presence of executives from the other 29 teams and he relayed the vibe.

"How crazy is this, right? We had all 30 teams together in Miami 10 days ago, and as you can imagine, we’re not the most popular team with our peers," Welts said on Thursday on KNBR 680. "The entire league is praying that this is the crack in the armor. I think they are going to be really, really disappointed."

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The Warriors will be the first team since the 1975-76 Boston Celtics to have five All-Stars in their starting lineup, and the rest of the league is clearly hoping this will finally be too much to handle.

But, there were concerns when Kevin Durant joined the team, and the Warriors made it work to the tune of two NBA titles in two seasons.

So, while the road might be bumpy at the beginning, it's a safe bet that the Warriors will indeed disappoint the rest of the league when it's all said and done.