Pippen rehashes MJ Bulls vs. Warriors debate; likens self to KD


The debate of which team would win between the Chicago Bulls' three-peat championship team with Michael Jordan and the Warriors' best teams with Kevin Durant and Steph Curry flared up during the release of MJ's "The Last Dance."

Scottie Pippen released his autobiography, Unguarded, on Nov. 9 and rehashed the infamous discourse. Unsurprisingly, Pippen believes his Bulls would beat the Warriors' best teams with KD, and even called it a toss up between himself and the two-time NBA Finals MVP (H/T Josh Eberley).

Pippen goes through the individual matchups in a potential clash between the teams, confidently asserting that Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley and Jordan all would outplay Draymond Green, Andrew Bogut or JaVale McGee and Klay Thompson.

Pippen interestingly says he and KD "could go either way" and of course Steph would have an advantage over Bulls point guard Ron Harper. On the bench, Pippen believes the Warriors would not have anyone as skilled as Toni Kukoc coming in as a reserve (2015 Finals MVP Andrew Iguodala might like a word there).

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The main point about this whole debate is that it is pointless. There is no conceivable way outside of a video game simulation to truly determine which of these teams at their best would win, as the Bulls' dynasty came to an end over 20 years ago.

The year before Durant arrived in the Bay Area, the Warriors bested Chicago's 70 regular-season win record. However, that Bulls team managed to complete the mission and win the title the year they set the record, while LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers kept the Warriors from putting a bow on that 73-win campaign.


Pippen has made his opinion known, and it likely won't be the last time we hear these two all-time squads stacked against each other.

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